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Breaking: Ted Cruz DESTROYS Democrats’ FILTHY Plot…He Just Saved The President!

Ever since Donald Trump won the presidency, the Democrats have been trying to thwart his every move.

It’s just one desperate attack after another and really, it’s getting a little tiresome.

Senator Ted Cruz is pretty tired of the shenanigans as well, but it appears he has managed to find a way to REVERSE the liberal filibuster.

It won’t stop the Leftists from trying to convince America that their new president is legally insane (if you’re stooping to that level, you’re officially out of ideas), but it’s a step in the right direction.

Democrats have slowed the confirmation process for President Trump’s cabinet picks; at this point, we’re at a veritable crawl. And of course, they’ll do the same thing with the Obamacare repeal.

Cruz isn’t having it, though.

As revealed by The Political Insider, he has apparently found an obscure Senate rule that will stop the slowing process, and there’s going to be NOTHING liberals can do about it.

Basically, Cruz wants to use the reconciliation process and allow Vice President Pence to decide what can be included in said ‘reconciliation.'” Reconciliation is when debate on a bill is limited to 20 hours in the Senate.

From The Hill:

Cruz argues that Pence, as the person likely to preside over the chamber at the most important moments of the healthcare debate, can decide what is and what isn’t eligible for the so-called reconciliation process.

He says the Senate parliamentarian’s role is to advise, not to rule.

‘Under the Budget Act of 1974, which is what governs reconciliation, it is the presiding officer, the vice president of the United States, who rules on what’s permissible on reconciliation and what is not,’ Cruz told reporters Thursday.

‘That’s a conversation I’ve been having with a number of my colleagues.’

The Trump administration recently promised that a full repeal of Obamacare would be done in 2017. And while the latest proposal has its detractors, it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

We just to keep the underhanded, desperate, often pathetic Democrats off our backs until it happens.

Sources: The Political Insider, The Hill

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