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SMACKDOWN – Ted Cruz Goes NUCLEAR On Democrats…Only STUNNED SILENCE In Washington!

Elections matter, and it was VERY important that Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton.


Well, there’s the matter of replacing the late Justice Antonin Scalia on the U.S. Supreme Court. Christ, what sort of radical left-wing, activists judges would we have had under Hillary…?

Now consider the types of cases the Supreme Court will likely be hearing, and Trump’s win is even more critical. When we first heard about Trump’s Supreme Court pick, we were all a little relieved, right?

Yes, the Democrats can filibuster a nominee for the Supreme Court, meaning 60 votes are needed for confirmation. And let’s not forget that Democrats have been gunning for the Trump administration ever since the election.

However, coming up with 41 votes to stop this nomination isn’t going to be easy. Gorsuch is a VERY strong nominee.

Then there’s the brutally strong offense being played by Senator Ted Cruz. Before the Democrats can start their usual claim of a nominee being “out of the mainstream,” Mr. Cruz has thrown down…big time.

Via Louder With Crowder:

“In the past weeks as well, some of my Democratic colleagues have questioned Judge Gorsuch’s independence. Suggested that he needs to answer questions about the actions and statements and even the tweets of the president who appointed him.

I would ask, was Justice Ginsburg or Justice Breyer, asked about the sexual harassment that had been filed against president Clinton by Paula Jones…? No, neither was asked about that lawsuit.

As if that were not enough, Cruz continues:

Was Justice Kagan asked about President Obama’s incendiary comments at the State of the Union attacking the Supreme Court for a decision he disagree with?


No of course not. Those questions were not asked because they were inappropriate political questions that have nothing to do with the record of the nominee before this committee.”

The Democrats have no real justification for blocking Judge Gorsuch’s nomination other than that they’ll disagree with the way he will rule on cases. Their hopes of replacing strict constructionist Justice Scalia with a progressive died with Hillary’s loss.

And we can thank President Trump for that.

You know, maybe these pathetic attempts at stopping anything President Trump does is the reason why the Democratic Party is failing. They have never believed rules apply to them and now that’s becoming clearer and clearer with every passing day.

Yes indeed, thank God for Trump.

Source: Louder with Crowder

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