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Bombshell: Ted Cruz Pulls Off SICK Power Move To Protect America…Obama Is Raging!

Ted Cruz wants to protect this country.

He has had the gumption to call a certain Muslim group exactly what they are, and he wants to take the logical strides.  This is exactly the sort of no-nonsense approach American citizens desire, so kudos to Ted.

He also just recently dropped a totally awesome ultimatum bomb on Obama and the UN, which was equally well-received and again, something so many citizens wanted to hear.

In other words, Cruz has his priorities straight in terms of America’s protection, and now he has another target in his sights.

The nation’s security, intelligence and military sectors have watched with growing alarm over the last few years as President Obama has steadily and steadfastly emptied Guantanamo Bay of its most dangerous suspects, and sent them back to overseas spots for promised watching.

And these same sectors have warned about the dangers of emptying Gitmo and trusting overseas governments to perform the jobs of U.S. security, saying some of the detainees have actually returned to the terrorism battlefield and taken up vows to harm the West, including America, again. Actually, some data shows up to 30 percent of released Gitmo detainees head back to terrorism.

To make matters worse, Obama has maintained a strict privacy clause about some of the terrorist activities that landed these detainees in Gitmo in the first place. It’s impossible, in other words, to know if Obama’s releasing seriously dangerous detainees, or only slightly dangerous detainees.

Well, no more, says Cruz:

“Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) on Tuesday introduced legislation that would mandate the declassification and public release of information on previous terrorist activities of former Guantanamo Bay detainees transferred since the presidential election,” Red State reported.

This is common sense legislation. That’s all it is.

Only the most partisan of partisans would deny the powers-who-be, and even the American people, the ability to know just how dangerous these Gitmo detainees are. We deserve to know what their terrorism ties really are and just what they’ve done in the past that landed them in the confines of the Cuba base in the first place.

But that’s been Obama’s modus operandi, right?

He’s had more concern for the detainees than for the American people he was supposed to serve. Cruz’s bill, with Republicans in leadership in both the House and Senate, has a good chance of passing, and Donald Trump will likely sign it.

Very soon, common sense and law and order could very well be returned to America’s intelligence and military communities – and, safety to America’s most vulnerable.

Source: Red State

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