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Ted Cruz Drops TWO WORDS About The Sessions Scandal, And Liberals Go BERZERK!

To say U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is under attack from the left would be quite an understatement.

More like he’s under siege.

Sessions, while senator and while serving as a member of the Armed Services Committee, had a job duty that required he meet with ambassadors of various nations, including Russia. So he did.

He was asked at his confirmation hearing if he spoke with the Russian ambassador to the U.S. about campaign issues related to President Donald Trump, and he said no. That doesn’t mean he didn’t speak with the Russian ambassador about matters related to his senate duties.

But the left is trying to paint Sessions in a corner, brand him a liar and then use that messaging to get him booted from his cabinet post.

We’ve already asked the important question: Do you, our fellow Patriots, agree that Sessions should step down?

Sen. Ted Cruz certainly doesn’t think so:

“Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), dismissed the seriousness of a Washington Post report from a day earlier that alleged Attorney General Jeff Sessions failed to disclose meeting with Russian officials in his AG confirmation hearing as ‘political theater,’Breitbart reported.

“Cruz, Sessions’ former colleague on the Senate Armed Services Committee, called the underlying meeting a ‘nothing burger‘ and argued against an investigation into the matter.”

It is a nothing burger.

It’s the Big Mac of all nothing burgers, in fact.

Sessions has since announced he’ll recuse himself on any investigation into Russia’s influence on the elections. But the fact is: this never should have happened.

Sessions did nothing wrong, the facts to show he did anything wrong just weren’t there, yet, and the idea of him stepping aside because of Democratic whining and finger-pointing is just ridiculous.

If facts mattered, the media would never have done a story on Sessions in the first place. Why? There was nothing to see, nothing to report.

The honest headline would’ve read: Senator Meets With Ambassador, as His Job Requires.

Source: Breitbart

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