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Teen Brat Accuses Cop Of 1 Filthy Crime – But She Didn’t Know His Camera Was On

Sadly, we live in a day and age where lying is second nature to many.

Some people are so petty that they’ll fabricate claims that paint themselves as victims, as a means to get attention and seek revenge against those they hate.

They do this, even if the lie has the ability to destroy someone’s life; that’s how messed up they are.

Even more demented is when such a disgusting attribute is married to one’s hatred of the police.

Cop bashing has also become far too common in the US these days, and it’s gotten to the point where folks are making false accusations against them to get themselves out of trouble.

As reported at the Conservative Tribune, last month, an 18-year old girl by the name of Logan Huysman tried to smear police officers with a horrible lie after she got into an altercation with them.

The fight started when officers approached a parked but running vehicle early in the morning. Inside, Huysman and two of her friends were passed out, surrounded by drug paraphernalia and smelling of booze and marijuana.

After investigating the scene, the responding officers decided to confiscate the illegal items but let the them off the hook.

But Huysman wasn’t content with the decision. As she waited for her father to pick her up, she antagonized the cops, resulting in her arrest.

When she finally managed to get home, she took to Facebook to post her “version” of what happened. She claimed her and friends were only napping and that the cops needlessly assaulted them.

She even went so far as to accuse them of inappropriately touching and sexually assaulting her.

Predictably, many of the commentators bought her sob story hook, line, and sinker. However, after discovering the smear job, the police chief Chief Brandon del Pozo released the dash-cam footage from the arrest, and needless to say, it completely destroyed her claim.

Not only that, he released an official statement backing up his officers.

Huysman fought the police,” he wrote.

She is portrayed on camera video mule-kicking Sergeant Nguyen about the body, head and groin. He and Officer Lippa asked her to please stop.

At no point do officers strike her, use weapons, or use force beyond controlling her assault with their empty ends.

Since making a fool of herself, Huysman has pled not guilty to three misdemeanor charges, including assault on a police officer.

She’s received nothing less than she deserved. Those who make false accusations should suffer the consequences that their accusations would have wreaked upon the ones they falsely accused.

Maybe she’ll learn her lesson and straighten out, but regardless, she needs to be taught a lesson that she’ll never forget.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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