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This Guy Hangs Trash Bags Outside His Door – Then The Genius Idea Instantly Goes Viral

Americans, for all our bickering over politics and politicians, do have the ability to pull together when attacked.

This can take the form of the 9/11 tragedy or natural disasters such as we’ve seen with the two recent hurricanes.

The loss of lives and property as well as the misery that must be endured by those who survived is heartrending. Yet life must go on.

And we are continually impressed and surprised by the creativity of some of our countrymen as they find unique ways to help their fellow Americans in times of need.

Of course, there are the charities that do so much, and we must admit that the government can even be a help.

But some folks create new ways to serve Americans suffering and who are in need, and they deserve our appreciation and admiration.

As such, we have the case of a man in Houston hanging trash bags on his door. About 160,000 others are now doing the same in Florida…and why?

From IJR:

“In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, people in the path of Hurricane Irma are preparing for her wrath. 

While placing sandbags at your front door won’t do much to help people in evacuation zones, it can help minimize the damage flooding can cause in other areas.”

So that’s what this man is all about: He started a movement whereby average citizens banded together to help others save their property.

“Hurricane Irma is no exception. According to the Tampa Bay Times, on Tuesday, the city distributed over 16,500 bags — and some people waited in line for over two hours.

However, on September 4, Edward Obediah Sweat, who according to his Facebook page lives outside of Houston, posted a very useful tip for his ‘Florida friends’ on Facebook:

‘If you can’t get a hold of sandbags, Sweat explained he’s learned a trash bag one-third filled with water can make a ‘good substitute.’

As for the garage, he noted that sealing it off with duct tape can be a good way to prevent ‘water intrusion.’

He also added that paint cans and five-gallon buckets can serve as a good way to easily elevate furniture.”


Water is heavy, and there is plenty of it in this situation, so this idea makes a certain amount of sense.

Sweat’s tips have been shared more than 165,000 times on Facebook, and he commented on the post that there’s ‘nothing like getting 50 inches of rain in 4 days to learn about blocking water!’

Hopefully, these tips will be able to save at least a few homes.”

Mr. Sweat needs to win some sort of “idea of the day” for helping his fellow citizens minimize the potential damage to their homes.

Since he might not get some recognition elsewhere, we’ll give it to him here: Well done, sir!

Sources: FacebookIndependent Journal Review

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