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BREAKING: Trump Makes STUNNING Cabinet Pick…The U.S. Economy Is Set To Explode!

As we get closer and closer to Inauguration Day, we are learning about Trump’s picks for key positions in his White House.

Although faced with much resistance from the liberal media, Trump continues to select leaders with strong track records. He is picking people that would be a good fit in each role, based on their experience and know how.

After eight years of our government looking like a radical social experiment–with lobbyist, cronies, and people being selected because it looks good for TV–we will have the best leaders for the job to assist our incoming President.

This is no truer than with Trump’s recent pick on economic policy.

From Politico:


President-elect Donald Trump has selected Gary Cohn, the president and chief operating officer of Goldman Sachs, to serve as assistant to the president for economic policy and director of the national economic council.

“As my top economic advisor, Gary Cohn is going to put his talents as a highly successful businessman to work for the American people,” Trump said in a statement. “He will help craft economic policies that will grow wages for our workers, stop the exodus of jobs overseas and create many great new opportunities for Americans who have been struggling. He fully understands the economy and will use all of his vast knowledge and experience to make sure the American people start winning again.”

Cohn has ample experience and knowledge of the economy. It’s clear that Trump is leveraging the most qualified people, who have served in business for many years, to shape his future policy on the economy.

Obama’s picks were mostly academics, who set policy based on theories and political pandering, not real world experience.

Trump’s cabinet and key leadership is shaping up. Very soon his entire staff will be announced. Those to be confirmed by the Senate should have little trouble receiving that confirmation, and then America will FINALLY be good to go!

Source: Politico

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