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BREAKING: Trump Makes BOMBSHELL Cabinet Pick…Meet The New Energy Boss!

Another day, another intriguing pick for President-elect Donald Trump’s cabinet.

Trump has been filling out his inner circle for a few weeks now and with each new selection comes more scrutiny. Some are greeted with open arms while others are questioned…what will America’s reaction be to the latest choice?

As reported by various sources today, including The Wall Street Journal, Trump has officially made his pick for the Energy Department. It’s former Texas Gov. Rick Perry according to two of Trump’s transition officials.

If the Senate okays the pick, Perry will be a solid conservative addition to Trump’s cabinet. Perry has made two failed attempts at the U.S. presidency and was actually a rival to Trump in the previous primaries.


Now, he and Trump are teaming up.

Before becoming governor, Perry was the lieutenant governor, agriculture commissioner, and he spent three terms in the state legislature as well. This guy leads a pretty full life, as he even was a contestant on the popular show, “Dancing With the Stars.”

As a reliable backer of GOP energy policies, Perry seems like a logical choice. And just so the democrats and liberals aren’t entirely losing their minds, remember that Perry signed legislation in Texas back in 2005 that increased the state’s dependence on renewable energy. Don’t forget, Texas is the biggest producer of oil and natural gas, and the state also produces the most wind energy.

A fantastic choice, wouldn’t you agree, fellow Americans?

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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