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Just In: Trump Delivers On 1 Huge Campaign Promise – America Is Soaring Again

One of the last things the Democrats would need when heading into midterm elections is a robust economy, especially in the important swing states won by President Donald Trump.

It’s a sad state of affairs that we have representatives who would silently cheer for a lousy economy just to prove themselves right and keep their seats.

Yet, we are being incredibly naive if we don’t think this is happening.

In fact, there are some inhabiting the hallowed halls of Congress who would torpedo the economy if they could do so without getting caught, if that’s what it took to get reelected.

Yes, Democrats, we’re looking at you.

The miscreants who are worried first and foremost about their reelection chances notwithstanding, we should be thrilled to learn that unemployment is dropping, especially in a “rust-belt” state such as Michigan.

And it’s not just Michigan that is the recipient off the good news. Wisconsin and Florida are among the states getting the good economic news as well.

Everyone should be thrilled and be looking for the key to these successes that they might be reproduced elsewhere.

Via Lifezette:

After nearly seven full months in office, Trump is presiding over a decreasing unemployment rate in six particular states that voted for former President Barack Obama — Trump’s Democratic predecessor — in 2012 before supporting Trump in 2016: Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

There are a lot of delegates in that group of swing states.

To the degree that they value wage and job growth, any “swinging” that they do is likely to be in the direction of President Trump, right?

‘The [Wall Street] Journal noted that despite the lack of legislative success, Trump ‘has appointed people in key posts who have begun to roll back business regulations.

And the stock market, while down sharply in recent days, has risen sharply since his election.

That has boosted consumer and business confidence, which in turn is a factor behind steady hiring and economic growth.”


At least two conclusions can be drawn from these results:

First, President Trump’s executive orders and appointments are generating positive results even before his legislative agenda has been enacted.

Second, once the Republicans decide to get their act together and pass his agenda we should see even more positive results.

Republican members of Congress must understand that it’s in their best interest and the best interest of the country to stop the senseless internal bickering and obstructionism, and give President Trump’s agenda the support it deserves.

They might find out that everyone wins…with the exception of the liberal Democrats who cling to economic policies of the past that just don’t work.

Source: Lifezette

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