Red, White, and Right


Do you support Trump ending the DACA program?

Some call it cruel.

Others call it necessary.

When President Donald Trump said he’d take care of the illegal immigration problem that has crippled this country, he wasn’t kidding around.

He has already taken numerous giant strides towards fixing the issue, and the latest is the eradication of the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program.

The so-called “Dreamers” are complaining bitterly, as is just about every liberal in America.

It’s a thorny issue, as it involves individuals who were brought here illegally and had no say in the matter. When kids enter the equation, everything gets tricky.

But the bottom line is that far too many remain illegal, even after being in this country for years, even decades.

And frankly, it all has to stop. We need to return to being a nation of LAWS, don’t you agree?



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