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Exposed: Trump Never Mocked The Disabled…But President Obama Sure As Hell Did!

Here’s something the mainstream media won’t cover.

And yes, that is a long list – but really, this one tops it.

Here’s a hint: It’s something the left has been dogging Donald Trump about for months – something that he’s denied ever taking place, no less. But now, it seems, President Obama actually did the same thing Trump’s being accused of – only, and thus the word “actually” – Obama really did it.

OK, enough dancing.

Meryl Streep went off on a bit of a rant about Trump during her Golden Globes acceptance speech, saying the then-campaigner mocked a disabled journalist on live television. Trump’s denied doing that so many times it’s hard to get a count. But here’s the funny – and by funny, of course, we mean hypocritical – part: Obama actually did mock the disabled on live TV.

“Obama, the liberal messiah, made an actually sick comment about disabled people back in 2007 as he ran for president,” the news blog Yes I’m Right reported. “When Obama spoke about his crappy bowling score, he said, ‘It’s like I’m in the Special Olympics or something.'”

That’s a bit of a smackdown of the Special Olympics, which includes the participation of some of the most accomplished athletes in the world, wouldn’t you say?

But don’t let mainstream media get a hold of that story because, you know, they’ll just run with it and destroy Obama’s reputation … not. This just highlights, underscores and lights up the complete and utter hypocrisy of the left. Mocking the disabled is quite inappropriate, except of course if it’s done by a member of the left, right? That’s the left’s logic, anyway.

So, where’s Streep on this? Doubtless too busy drawing her Hollywood bubbles around her home, sheltering her liberal elitist self all the more from the rest of us rabble who’ve dared to criticize her high and mighty celebrity award night speech.

But a note to far left: A new day is dawning, and Trump’s Make America Great Again mantra is bringing the deplorables right out of the closet. Faint-hearted liberals, be forewarned.

Source: Yes I’m Right

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