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Report: The ‘Trump Effect’ Is Destroying Illegal Immigration – New Evidence Shocks Liberals

With all the hoopla over Charlottesville and the supposed rise of the Fourth Reich, the issue of immigration has been relegated to the back-burner.

The left-wing media has found an issue they can get more mileage out of with their manufactured narrative, claiming that conservatives are fast becoming Nazis and white supremacists.

While that’s practically all that’s being reported, there’s some good news flying under the radar concerning the status of America’s border.

As reported at the Daily Caller, Homeland Security officials are touting Yuma, the Arizona border town that President Donald Trump visited Tuesday, as an example of how a border wall can help prevent illegal immigration.

This, despite the Left’s and Establishment Republicans’ claim that building a wall won’t solve anything.

A DHS official pointed to an impressive 82 percent reduction in illegal crossings in the Yuma area since 2007, as the area received 63 miles of border fencing after the passage of the Secure Fence Act of 2006.

And keep in mind, that’s just a paltry fence; imagine, as the official went on to point out, the good that would come from a seriously built wall.

We won’t have to wait long to find out, thankfully because construction of new border walling is expected to start in spring 2018.

While visiting Yuma, Trump looked at Border Patrol technology, including a predator drone that can be used to more easily spot illegals crossing the border.

DHS officials used Trump’s Yuma visit to brag about the accomplishments they’ve made since he took office.

Thanks to Trump’s immigration executive orders, prosecution of immigration crimes has drastically increased, and statistics show increased arrests and fewer border crossings as well.

One official said that 126,472 individuals have been apprehended attempting to enter the country illegally between January and the end of July, which is a 46 percent decrease from 2016.

The official added that apprehensions of unaccompanied illegal immigrant minors has fallen 54 percent to 14,282.

This isn’t because of lax enforcement, but because the “Trump Effect,” which has deterred folks from trying to invade the country altogether. It’s amazing what a shift in attitude can do for a country, right?

Would-be invaders understand the president is serious on immigration enforcement, and have altered their behavior, whether by self-deporting or remaining in their native countries.


While apprehensions at the border have decreased, there’s been a 32 percent increase in removals stemming from interior enforcement, which is a great sign.

Before, Obama and his comrades were content to let criminal aliens stay in the US, not even bothering to apprehend them. But that’s all changed now, as Trump has ramped up the deportation process by getting more folks on the job.

It’s great news to hear about Yuma’s success. It should make conservatives salivate at the prospect of getting a serious wall built.

It’s not just about the literal blocking of illegals from crossing the border, but a show of intent.

The wall is far more than a physical barrier, but a message to everyone that the days of the consequence-free invasion of America are over.

Source: Daily Caller

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