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Trump Stops His Golf Cart And Gives 1 Young Couple The Shock Of A Lifetime

President Trump is taking time off while the White House staff installs new heating and cooling systems.

…not exactly news but that’s what led to Trump having a little free time to himself, something POTUS doesn’t often have.

This includes a little golf at his Bedminster, New Jersey club, which makes perfect sense. How many presidents have taken time off to hit the links? Basically all of them, right?

Well, that may be true, but we doubt all of them would’ve been willing to make one young couple’s dreams come true, and totally on the spur of the moment.

Trump is often accused of being mean and cold and hard-hearted when in fact, there’s ample evidence to the contrary. In many ways, he’s one of the most approachable leaders this country has ever had.

He’s perfectly willing to smile, say hello, and be a man of the people, as the President of the United States is supposed to be. And yes, it often goes well beyond politics and Capitol Hill.

Case in point: During one round of golf at Bedminster, the President noticed an event taking place at his club, and it was important enough for him to stop his round of golf.

Yes, he went and crashed a wedding. He brought along his trademark “Make America Great Again Hat” and kissed the beaming bride, and the attendees were absolutely stunned.

The funny thing is, Trump is making a habit of this. As reported by Fox6 News, the President attended another wedding at Bedminster in June, at which time excited attendees chanted, “USA!”

Trump walked around the wedding, asking, “Everyone having a good time?” and generally made quite the impression on the wedding party.

And of course, Trump will be back to work soon and reiterated that he is NOT on vacation:

He may not be on vacation but he just gave one young couple the surprise of a lifetime, and they’ll be telling this wedding story for many years to come.

Every successful relationship needs such a story, wouldn’t you agree?

Source: Independent Journal Review

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