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Watch What Happens When Trump-Haters Come Face-To-Face With The President

It’s no surprise that there’s a lot of folks out there who despise Trump, especially those who consider themselves Democrats.

With the media so fiercely creating negative narratives about him, presenting him as a complete stooge, it’s almost impossible to escape negative coverage.

The Left’s propaganda machine is very strong because it’s so ubiquitous. However, their control over information isn’t total.

They can’t stop Trump from mingling with the people, nor bias the impressions they get after interacting with the president in person.

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, skeptical Democratic voters have had the opportunity to meet the president while he makes his rounds in the city of Houston, and in the end, some opinions have changed.

As reported at the Conservative Tribune, on Saturday, President Donald Trump made his second visit to Texas to see the devastation with his own eyes and reassure residents that have been affected.

The president spent a lot of his time talking with hurricane evacuees, comforting them and helping pass out supplies to those in need.

One Houston woman that talked with the local news affiliate said that her encounter with the president had changed her opinion about him.

I had a different opinion of him, and now I think that he’s a wonderful man,” said the woman during an interview.

While it’s pretty standard for presidents to visit areas affected by tragedies, Trump has shown a high degree of empathy and charity.

It doesn’t seem forced and rigid the way Obama was, because Trump is truly a man of the people. Rich he may be, but he’s always been known as a guy that can get along with the common man on a genuine and sincere level.

It’s unfortunate that Trump can’t get a fair shake in the media, because national opinions would be far different. It’s easy for the Left to dehumanize conservatives, make them out to be evil and cruel.

For Trump, it’s an everyday thing. But a consistent trend that cannot be denied is the fact that when people meet and interact with him in person, they generally like the him.

Disagree with him, sure, but the hate and monstrous image many have of him fades away when they get the chance to see for themselves.

Sources: KABCConservative Tribune

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