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President Trump Requests Help To Destroy ISIS, And You’ll NEVER Guess Who He Turns To!

Boy, President Donald Trump did a GREAT job with that Congress speech, didn’t he?

He managed to do the one thing liberals never believed he could do: Galvanize a nation.

Second most importantly, he made several concerted tries to reach out and cross party lines with policy and platform recommendations. This included a call to both Republicans and Democrats to work together on key issues.

At the top of the to-do list: the infrastructure and national security.

If we’re going to battle America’s enemies, we are going to have to come together and present the world with a united front. Trump knows this. Furthermore, it also means siding with international allies.

…even if those allies might be a member of a certain religious group that is, for lack of a better term, questionable.

“Trump vowed to use his position as commander in chief to eradicate the Islamic State terrorist group and work with America’s ‘friends and allies in the Muslim world’ to combat radical Islamic terrorism,” Trump said, Breitbart reported.

You’d think a statement like that would go over well, with both conservatives and liberals. But once again, Democrats showed their leftist colors.

Democrats couldn’t even be bothered to applaud on that count, for the most part. Just like they didn’t stand when the rest of the COUNTRY stood to honor a fallen hero’s widow.

You know why?

Democrats don’t care so much for making sure America is safe as they care for making sure Trump doesn’t accomplish his agenda.

For the left, politics isn’t about leading, or about serving the people, or even about performing a service to the country. It’s about power.

So no matter who Trump pledges to work with on the matter of ISIS and terrorism, fact is the far left could care less. They’ll oppose no matter what.

And they’ll do so without blinking an eye – without even thinking twice that their opposition to a plan that eradicates ISIS and horrific terrorists actually endangers innocent Americans.

So long as they win back the power next election – that’s all that matters to Dems.

Good thing Trump’s thinking about going outside of America’s borders to find partners to fight ISIS. He sure won’t get any help from Democrats on that.

Source: Breitbart

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