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Trump Destroys Hillary With 2 Brutal Words – This Twitter Bomb Went Viral In Seconds

It’s not always true but more often than not, when Trump is active on Twitter, it means his administration is doing well.

Trump is a masterclass when it comes to trolling the Left on Twitter and brazenly speaking his mind.

And when he’s doing those things, he’s at peak effectiveness.

Recent weeks has seen him be fairly active and as always, it’s the height of social media entertainment.

With Hillary Clinton’s book of lies about the election poised to come out at the end of the month, Trump finally weighed in on the hype the left-wing media’s created around the book’s release.

Chances are, Hillary and every Leftist in America isn’t laughing, but everyone ELSE is.

As reported at Breitbart, Saturday night President Donald Trump endorsed an amusing tweet taking a shot at the title of Clinton’s new book, which is simply “What Happened.”

The tweet the president endorsed had an image of Clinton’s book next to another adorned with a smiling Trump and the title “I Happened.”

A simple, yet perfect response to the ridiculous title and cover of Hillary’s work of fiction.

Along with the president, the Tweet reached over 44,000 likes, more than 15,000 re-tweets, and 4,500 comments by press time.

A simple tweet or retweet making fun of a political opponent is something we rarely get from members of the GOP, mostly because they’re spineless and/or closet liberals themselves.

Republicans like McCain and Paul Ryan would call it crass or immature but it really isn’t.

It’s perfectly fine to take shots at people who are trying to rule this country and have proven their hatred for it over and over again. They’re public figures that deserve the utmost scrutiny and criticism.


Trump is at his best when he’s on the attack, as is the GOP.

But weak-kneed Republicans have become conditioned to constantly being on the defense and fearful of the left-wing media’s attacks against them.

On the other hand, Trump’s willingness to call it how he’s sees it is why the base supported him.

It would be nice if the do-nothings and morons in the GOP learned from the president’s example instead of turning their back on him.

Utilizing the power of social media is kind of ridiculous, but it’s necessary if the GOP wants to better communicate to the masses these days.

And yeah, it’s funny.

Source: Breitbart

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