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Do you think Trump did a good job helping Hurricane Harvey victims?

It’s no secret that President Donald Trump’s approval rating isn’t exactly soaring.

Of course, various liberal-oriented news sources will skew the numbers even more, and try to tell the American public that EVERYONE hates Trump.

They tried that last year, too, tried to tell the world that Trump had no shot, that everyone in this country was liberal and hence, Hillary Clinton was a shoo-in.

That was a lie as well.

But even among conservatives, Trump’s approval ratings aren’t sky-high. At least, they weren’t prior to hurricane season…seems like one natural disaster has helped the president quite a bit.

While various sick “citizens” are saying disgusting things about the event, the fact of the matter is that Trump and FLOTUS Melania helped quite a bit after Harvey slammed into Texas.

Now, there’s plenty of evidence that shows those who once hated Trump have actually changed their tune.

And despite the standard liberal trashing, the president has come off quite well in the wake of Harvey. So, what do you think? Will this be reflected in the approval polls?



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