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Trump Keeps Another Campaign PROMISE…Massive Announcement Rocks Wall Street!

Congressional leaders are responsible for the mess in the U.S. economy and have done virtually nothing to change that for the past eight years. Both Republicans and Democrats should be hanging their heads in shame for this disgraceful lack of action.

One of the truly remarkable things about the U.S. economy is its resilience when it comes to rebounding after a particularly long and cruel stagnation. The former president was reticent when it came to confronting the beast head-on.

For President Trump, this sort of tackling of the beast is something that he has dealt with as a businessman for decades.

His ability to pierce the cloudiness of the U.S. Governmental procedure and attack the problem at its base has made him a lot of enemies, particularly in the Establishment where spending money is the equivalent of a caffeine addict living next door to a Dunkin’ Donuts!

Fox Business:

The U.S. trade deficit shrank sharply in February as overseas customers snapped up American products and services, the latest sign U.S. factories are benefiting from global economic stability.

The smaller deficit suggests the economy may have grown at a slightly stronger pace than previously thought in the first quarter and is positioned for stronger growth this spring.

After accounting for inflation, exports of goods–products ranging from tractors to pharmaceutical supplies–reached the highest level on record in February. Exports of services also grew healthily.

The numbers are impressive. The trade deficit was projected at $44.6B in the hole for the U.S. Instead, after all calculations had been accounted for, the seasonally adjusted trade deficit came in at $43.56B.

Imports fell 1.8% (less foreign products sold in the U.S.) while exports grew 0.2% (U.S. manufacturers sold more product abroad).

This is a very optimistic tidbit that has driven overall exports to 7.2% this year compared to the same period a year ago!

What comes next is a natural progression in the Spring toward more manufacturing, more hiring, and more profit. All Trump’s talk of an unfair advantage that China held over us was not for nothing.

It has been proven that he was right all along. And all we needed was someone who would ensure that it would happen.

Source: Fox Business

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