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Trump Sits Down With Mexican President And Answers One Question About The Border Wall

It was one of the primary rallying cries of the Donald Trump campaign: A Border Wall.

Liberals who think every human on earth should be allowed automatic and instant access to the United States hated the idea, of course, but people with brains and eyes supported the notion.

Perhaps the biggest concern has been the overall cost of the wall, which will undoubtedly stretch into the billions, and likely at the cost of John Q. Taxpayer.

Now, when Trump got into the White House, he made it plain that he wanted Mexico to pay for the Southern border wall, though most critics said that would never happen.

After some time went by, the Trump administration amended that statement a bit, saying the U.S. would pay to start the wall construction, but they expected reimbursement from Mexico at some point.

The other option would be to split the cost between the two countries somehow.

But either way, it does seem as if the wall will eventually come to fruition and Trump drove that point home during a recent meet-and-greet with the press in Hamburg, Germany at the G20 Summit.

That’s where Trump sat right next to Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto and refused to back off from his border wall vow.

A reporter must’ve assumed that with Nieto sitting there, Trump would back off a bit…but our president doesn’t back off.

We’re negotiating NAFTA and some other things with Mexico and we’ll see how it all turns out, but I think that we’ve made very good progress,” Trump said.

Then when a reporter asked if Trump still wanted Mexico to pay for the wall, the President simply replied:


This speaks volumes about our country’s current leader and his dedication to the safety of American citizens.

Illegal immigration is an undeniable scourge that won’t just go away if we ignore it, and we’ve already wasted billions of dollars and countless man hours dealing with the out-of-control situation.

The wall, along with the travel ban, is absolutely necessary for the U.S. to regain its footing, so here’s hoping Trump maintains his bullishness.

And many true Patriots agree:

Source: Bizpac Review

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