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Just In: Trump Quietly Stabs Obama In The Back – Liberals Instantly Go Ballistic

While Trump has issued his share of executive orders already, he hasn’t done anything too extreme or outside the norm.

According to the Left, he was going to be a dictator once taking office, abusing his power as president to do whatever he pleased.

But that simply hasn’t happened.

However, the president does appear to be getting bolder in using his executive powers, as we saw recently with his controversial pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Carrying on in similar fashion, it appears he’s about to pardon another innocent man, one that had Obama and the Left going crazy before they finally managed to crush him with an abuse of government powers.

As reported at the Conservative Tribune, Trump is considering a pardon for Nevada rancher Clive Bundy, who led an armed standoff against federal officials in 2014 following a dispute over federal land ownership, cattle grazing fees, and the overreach of federal agencies.

The suggestion that Trump pardon Bundy, on trial in October for charges of conspiring to “incite” a rebellion against the federal government, came from long-time friend and confidant Roger Stone.

Stone tweeted:

The entire Bundy ordeal, and several other related incidents with militia groups, are too complicated to go into here, so I’d suggest reading up on what was truly going on during the land dispute and how the government handled it.

In short, it was a disgusting and brazen abuse of power by Obama and his lapdog agencies, one that should have every American up in arms.

Bundy was arrested and charged in February 2016 after traveling to the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon, where his sons Ammon and Ryan had lodged themselves in protest of the Obama administration’s Bureau of Land Management.

In the end, Bundy was accused by the strangely powerful and well-armed Bureau of Land Management for allowing his cattle to graze on federally-owned land without a permit, thus he owed tens of thousands in fees and fines.

Bundy said he had every right to let his livestock graze there and refused to pay or comply.

In case you don’t know, for some strange reason, the federal government owns a ridiculous amount of land, especially out west. Do a Google search to see how our government takes control and monopolizes land for itself.

When Bundy refused to cooperate, the feds came in and tried to forcibly remove his cattle.

This prompted a legion of armed-supporters from the area and all over the nation to show up, causing a tense standoff between the feds and supposedly free citizens.

Leftists point to the incident as an example of right-wing extremism and attempt to subvert the government. But if they were truly extreme, why were a bunch of heavily armed ranchers and rednecks able to peacefully protect their interests?


The situation was ripe for another Ruby Ridge but nothing happened. Meanwhile, Anti-fa terrorists use bike locks and clubs to beat Trump supporters in broad daylight, while police sometimes stand and watch.

Should Trump pardon Bundy, we can expect a lot of hand-wringing and faux-outrage from the Left.

But who really cares what a bunch of anti-American clowns think anymore, right?

Source: Conservative Tribune

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