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Trump Just Exposed Obama’s SICKEST Secret, And Americans Are OUTRAGED!

President Donald Trump’s favorite phrase?

“Drain the swamp!”

His reference, of course, was to the political scum that hides behind doors and in closets, and that sticks to pretty much every wheel-and-deal moment in Congress, in the White House and on Capitol Hill.

We already know the swamp is pretty nasty; Obama’s mischief has been well documented; not the most recent of which was that awful Palestine/Israel/UN fiasco, which has only recently led to yet ANOTHER scandal.

But even Trump couldn’t have predicted just how disgusting that swamp really was, especially beyond the typical political boundaries.

So now, what’s been discovered?

Brace yourself:

Child pornography and other adult-related materials have been found on the work computers of hundreds of federal employees who worked under Obama’s administration,” Mad World News reported. “Many of the offenders worked in the Department of Justice under Obama’s attorneys general, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch.”

Let me pause a moment to dry heave my brains out.

Can you believe this?  The top echelon of law enforcement under Obama hid the dirtiest of secrets and this is worse than dirty; it’s disgusting and unforgivable.

Some of the feds have already been sent to jail. Others are en route.

But this is beyond fraud and waste. This is criminal activity, and not just any criminal activity. Child porn? This is the type of criminal activity that turns stomachs and leads to long-term prison sentences.

We all knew Obama could never say “Radical Islam” (something Trump has since fixed in the White House) but we had no idea he employed predators. Shouldn’t this have been brought to his attention at some point…?

What’s remarkable is how Democrats love to say they’re for the children, and that all they do in terms of policy and politics is aimed at easing the path of future for the good of the children.

Well, how about that now?

Obama’s gone, but now America’s left with peeling back the layers on some of the most disgusting crimes of humanity, rooting through federal computers to see which government officials participate.

Thanks Obama. Yet another legacy, I see, coming home to roost.

Source: Mad World News

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