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Trump Does The UNTHINKABLE In The Oval Office – THIS Is Why I’m A Proud American!

Here’s something else the left can find to hate about President Donald Trump.

Though in point of fact, they should LIKE this move.

This isn’t like Trump’s “attack” on the EPA, which has already ignited a firestorm among tree-hugging liberals all over the country.

It’s not even about the confirmed construction of the border wall (building contracts are going out now). Hell, Democrats have been pissed about that ever since Trump introduced the idea on the campaign trail.

No, President Trump has just done something one would assume the liberals would actually appreciate. After all, leftists are all about “the people,” right? They loathe the idea of anyone being “above” anyone else, even the President.

So, one wonders how they’ll react to this:

Conservative Tribune:

“Trump has proclaimed himself a ‘president of the people,’ one who is open and amenable to the average man’s wants and needs and not a bought politician beholden to the demands of the political establishment, special interest groups and the globalist elite. It should therefore come as no surprise that Trump has instituted a sort of ‘open door policy’ for the Oval Office, permitting more than a dozen of his aides and assistants to have virtually unfettered access to speak with him.”

What? No boundaries?

No chain of command to follow – no political caste system?

Bite your tongue. Can’t you see the Democrats squirm with discomfort now?

Those with elitist mindset always like to erect fences to keep out the undesirables – the deplorables, if you will. It’s a not-so-subtle reminder that “thou is better than thee,” and if you forget it, then thou has a lot of other thous who can vet and remind.

But Trump?

His ‘come on in’ style is why people felt drawn to him on the campaign trail. The guy’s the president, yes.

But an open door policy that lets even his aides and staffers know their opinion counts, even in the White House, means he’s a person first – an American first – and the president with titles and airs and all kinds of rules of decorum, second.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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