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Trump Just Made The Most Patriotic Announcement Ever, And America Is Cheering

Calling a nation to prayer is nothing new.

In fact, thousands of years ago in ancient Israel, the leaders would call the people to prayer for thanksgiving or for protection against their enemies.

So steeped is this nation in this tradition that presidents have proclaimed days of prayer. President Lincoln certainly did that during the Civil War.

Given the prevalence of the Christian faith through our nation’s history and its impact on our culture and even our laws, it is no surprise that such calls to prayer tend to have a Christian connotation to them.

However, that in no way is intended to preclude those of other faiths from participating.

In this spirit, and recognizing the great suffering our countrymen in Texas are experiencing as a result Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath which is still in progress, President Trump has made an announcement:

He has declared that Sunday should be a National Day of Prayer for the victims of this historic and devastating natural disaster.

Via Daily Caller:

President Donald Trump signed a declaration Friday making Sunday a National Day of Prayer for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

“Trump’s declaration comes one day after Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott issued a proclamation, alongside Franklin Graham and Vice President Mike Pence, making Sep. 3 a day of prayer within the state for Harvey victims, according to KXAN.

“‘It doesn’t matter what faith or religion or belief that you have. This is a time for Texans and Americans to unite and pray for thanksgiving for those who have risked their lives,’ Abbot told “Fox and Friends.”

‘The first responders and volunteers who’ve supported our fellow Texans, but also pray for the victims of this horrific storm. And we want to unite as one state and one nation.'”

Some despicable individuals have expressed delight over the destruction Texas has experienced as they, in their own twisted way of thinking, see this as some sort of justified punishment for the state of Texas voting for President Trump.

Those people should be ignored. They’re not worthy of a human being’s attention.

Yet it’s a testimony to the character of the people of this nation that we are binding together to help an awful lot of people who are in serious trouble. Disasters don’t have any political boundaries.

President Trump was absolutely right in making this call to prayer, and may our people heed it not just now but in the days to come.

Liberals are going ballistic, as you would expect; the word “prayer” is a big-time trigger for Leftists…well, only when it’s associated with Christianity, of course.

Everyone ELSE can pray all they wish, right?

Source: Daily Caller

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