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Breaking: Trump Drops GIGANTIC Pentagon Hammer…Democrats Are Raging!

Inauguration Day is finally here, and we’ve already seen some fireworks.

On the positive side, there’s President Trump senior adviser Kellyanne Conway rockin’ the “Trump Revolutionary Wear,” which Americans just LOVED.

On the negative side, we’ve got liberals acting like violent kids, attacking Trump supporters and turning a “peaceful” protest into a predictable blood-fest. We’re really hoping the police make a LOT of arrests because that’s just unforgivable.

But let’s move on with the real news, shall we? You know, the news that has a significant impact on this country?

As just revealed by Fox News, Trump has just executed his first significant move as President of the United States: He has signed legislation that allows retired Gen James Mattis to run the Pentagon as defense secretary.

Mattis would still require Senate confirmation, though, and a vote is expected to be cast later in the day. Additionally, in order for this to pass, Trump has to sign the bill passed by Congress that grants Mattis a waiver to serve. Currently, there’s a law that stops former service members who have been out of the uniform for less than 7 years from holding any top Pentagon position.

The last time Congress allowed an exception to the law was back in 1950 for George Marshall, a retired five-star Army General. As for “Mad Dog” Mattis, he remains a controversial figure for many, but lots of conservatives love him, and for good reason.

Chances are, Trump is going to have to make a lot of big decisions in the first few weeks, because former president (SO glad we can say “former” now) really screwed up this country, and his slew of insane “midnight regulations” really didn’t help matters.

Well, no matter. It’s onwards and upwards because America has begun the healing process!

Source: Fox News

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