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Bombshell: Trump Arming Up For SICK Power Move…Liberals Are Going INSANE!

Simple question: When did breaking the law suddenly become un-legal?

As a follow-up question, who told universities they were above the law?

Seems to me that people who broke immigration laws and were labeled as “illegal aliens” before Political Correctness, and are now referred to as “undocumented immigrants” are still, in fact (and in legal terms) breaking the law! So, the BIG question:

When did breaking the law suddenly become un-legal (since “illegal” is apparently too close to the truth to use in common vernacular)? It sure feels like when Liberals call taxes “contributory revenue” so people won’t freak when they hear Wolf Blitzer say, “Contributory revenue was up sharply this quarter, putting nearly 2 billion dollars into federal coffers.”

One of the terms not being altered by Liberals these days is “Sanctuary Cities”. The over 300 sanctuary cities in 32 States are preparing for war with the Trump Administration and will begin his first term by denying his agency officials direct access to names and addresses of the “un-legals”.

USA Today:

“Donald Trump, with a little help from Congress, will have broad presidential powers to crack down on ‘sanctuary cities’ that protect undocumented immigrants from his planned roundup and deportation of millions who are in the country illegally.

In what could become a major conflict between the new president and local governments, the showdown likely will result in legal challenges testing how far the White House can go in dictating its priorities.

Trump will be armed with a range of powerful options, including federal lawsuits and the power to withhold hundreds of millions of dollars in grants that states and cities rely on.”

Basically, there are two different ways that the Trump Administration and Republicans could go after these mayors and governors who are keeping federal authorities from the information they seek.

One way is to threaten lawsuits. With Senator Sessions as the new head of the Department of Justice, Trump’s Administration could file lawsuits on behalf of the United States demanding that sanctuary cities give up their source material.

More likely is the second way: Grant Money

“The two most likely federal agencies that could cut off funding are Justice and Homeland Security. They provide grants for local law enforcement agencies to hire officers; bolster prosecutions, courts and jails; provide drug treatment, prepare for terrorist attacks, and assist crime victims and witnesses.

The Trump administration has the power to cut off much of that funding.

Help won’t be hard to find. Republicans in Congress, including Rep. Duncan Hunter of California and Sen. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, have tried in recent years to pass laws establishing those kinds of cuts, but they always faced a veto threat from Obama. Republicans filed similar bills this week, and those have a far better chance of becoming law now that Republicans control both Congress and the White House.”

People like Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel have a chip on their shoulders as big as the National Debt, especially when it comes to punishing America. Perhaps if we begin calling the un-legals by a different name…

How about un-welcome.

Source: USA Today

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