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Trump Reveals ADORABLE Presidential Puppy…Meet Patton, The "Hero Dog!"

There are several things every president needs.

Among them, a loving wife that also makes for a fantastic First Lady, a deep burning desire to make America great, and…

Wait, there’s one thing missing from the Donald Trump administration and it needed to be rectified before inauguration day.

No, it has nothing to do with policy or society. It’s not something that involves healthcare, the taxpayers, or terrorism. In fact, some might even consider this trivial. But it’s a necessary tradition; just ask any PR representative.

As reported by CBS News, philanthropist and animal welfare advocate Lois Pope has given the Trump family a big necessity:

The Presidential First Pooch!

It’s an adorable designer breed known as a Goldendoodle and the name? Patton, the legendary World War II general Trump has always admired.

After hearing Patton was the offspring of U.S. military service dogs, Trump told his wife, Melania, that Patton was a “hero dog.” But of course, their son, Barron, had the final say and thankfully, he loved the cute 9-week-old pup. Said Pope:

“I’d never seen such a big smile on anyone’s face,” Pope recalled. “It’s worth all this time and the trouble and effort putting into this for [Barron].

He added:

“He’s going to be a perfect dog for Barron. He’s the one that I’m really doing this for. That’s going to be quite a transition for him. He’s only 10 years old and his dad is going to be the leader of the free world.”

This is a 150-year-old tradition that absolutely should not die. And who can look at this adorable face and not smile?

Sources: Washington Post, CBS News

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