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Heartwarming: Trump, Republicans EMBRACE Our Police Officers, While Obama, Democrats…

On May 1st, 2015, my Uncle Curtis Hayden passed away. He was a police officer in the same city for 36 years. He served faithfully and was well-respected among all his peers.

His obituary read, “Curtis was one of the smartest men I knew or will ever know.” When I attended his wake, there was a line of officers out the door and down the street. Inside, there were two dedicated guards at his head and feet who stood at attention for an hour until they were relieved by another set of guards. Each officer filed in, came to attention, saluted my uncle, about-faced, expressed condolences to his widow and six children, then filed out. That line continued for 6 hours…

Needless to say, cops run near and dear to my heart. And apparently, they run near and dear to Donald Trump’s heart as well.

On Monday, January 9th, the nation paid homage to our men and women in blue on National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. Donald Trump, as anyone would expect of the President-elect, spent the day visiting with our Nation’s Finest, taking pictures, shaking hands, swapping stories, and of course, thanking them for their invaluable service.

The Political Insider:

“If ever there were a more revealing contrast on how Republicans and Democrats feel about our men and women in the police force, this would be it.

The contrast couldn’t be clearer – look at the difference between how Trump honored our police and how Democrats treated them:

Thank you to all of the men and women who protect & serve our communities 24/7/365! #LawEnforcementAppreciationDay”

It is not a stretch to say that the Democrats sank to the lowest form of despicable behavior that is possible for a human being to enshrine. Not only did President Obama wheelbarrow his ego into the room behind him as he blathered on about his untold number of amazing achievements during his tenure as Leader of the Free World, but Hillary Clinton took the opportunity to tell little girls that they, too, could shatter the glass ceiling and reach for the stars!

Most appalling of all, a pitiful and disgusting, disrespectful piece of amateurish art that was displayed in the Capitol (which was subsequently removed by another Congressman, Duncan Hunter, who was offended by the work) depicted police officers as pigs who were pointing weapons at protesting citizens. That was the topic of some of these Democrats who vowed to return the so-called “art” to the walls of the Capitol.

“In fact, Gateway Pundit claims to have analyzed over 50 social media accounts of prominent Democrats, not one of which even acknowledged appreciation for our police officers.”

And this is the crux of the matter. Democrats scream for justice and fairness, but the way that they act is as if law enforcement is the enemy. I think that, in order to force these imbeciles to finally come to their senses, we should require 911 dispatchers to ask a simple question before each placement of an officer on the scene:

Are you a Republican who supports the police, or a Democrat who despises them? Just asking…

Source: The Political Insider

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