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BREAKING: Trump Reveals MASSIVE Cabinet Pick…Dems Are Freaking Out!

Donald Trump’s transition team has been hard at work, securing their agenda for the first 100 days and selecting the key leadership that will make up his cabinet.

While the left have bellyached over the strong, uncompromising picks Trump has made, there is little they can do to prevent these men and women from taking office. Rest assured that the next four years, America will be led by actual doers, not political cronies.

Trump has made more progress than Obama has at this point in the process. It took over a year for Obama to fill out certain cabinet posts; yet Trump has his cabinet almost complete before Inauguration Day.

Now we learned of another key role being filled.

From Washington Times:


Rep. Ryan Zinke, Montana Republican, is Donald Trump’s choice to be Interior secretary.

In an appearance Tuesday night on Fox News, Trump campaign-manager Kellyanne Conway confirmed that Mr. Trump had made the offer, though she didn’t say whether it had been accepted.

“Today, the president-elect offered the spot to congressman Zinke,” Ms. Conway said. “It was a very competitive process and wonderful candidates.”

The offer to the former Navy SEAL commander was first reported by Politico, citing “two transition officials” and one other source.

Another former military officer taking his place by the President-Elect’s side. No wonder the left is panicking so much. Trump is filling his cabinet with people of action, people who won’t play political games, and most importantly, people who won’t be intimidated by the left.

Source: Washington Times

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