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Breaking: Trump Rocks Another SICK Power Move…Controversy Engulfs Washington!

The liberals are retreating to their corners – can you feel it?

At long last, the campaign promises President Trump made over the last few months are taking root and coming to fruition. The new commander-in-chief has already frozen all pending regulations (so the administration can properly evaluate them), and that’s hardly all that has happened.

How about the executive order that President Obama is MOST going to hate, as it goes after a huge part of the former president’s legacy? That was pretty awesome, wasn’t it?

He’s doing exactly what he said he would do: He promised to start repealing some of President Obama’s most damaging executive orders on Day One of his White House terms, and by gosh, that’s what he’s doing.

According to Fox News, Trump just signed an executive order withdrawing the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership pact, and signed another that placed a hiring freeze on federal workers. Trump also signed a third executive order that puts back in place a ban on funding for overseas groups that perform abortions.

“We’ve been talking about this for a long time,” Trump said, while signing the order withdrawing from TPP, Fox News reported. “[Withdrawing is] a great thing for the American worker.”

The TPP was largely signed in secret, at the pressing of Obama; the pact committed to economic ties between America and 11 Pacific Rim nations, opening the doors to more trade in the process. That was the supposed goal, at least.

Critics said the agreement actually tied the hands of U.S. businesses and actually put the interests of overseas companies before American workers, by exporting U.S. jobs to countries that paid lower wages. And Trump is all about HELPING businesses, as evidenced by his latest bombshell proposal.

Trump’s signature comes with the approval of unions. And it comes with a sigh of relief from the American worker, who no doubt would’ve seen a double whammy from the deal – the first impact, from lost jobs and the second, from higher prices on products that were sent back for sale inside the United States.

Kudos to Trump for taking immediate action on the TPP.

The first red flag was Obama pushed for it hard. And the second red flag: the fact that its passage was largely pressed forward in a cloak and dagger manner. Typical of a liberal regime.

Source: Fox News

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