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Trump Scores Huge $780 Billion Victory – He Finally Has The Money He Needs To…

President Donald Trump is one step closer to making good on a promise he made to the American people.

Throughout his successful campaign, he said he’d stop the ceaseless flood of illegal immigration that has brought a once-proud country to its knees.

He swore he’d do everything he could to protect Americans and get this nation back on its feet, and that includes things like a travel ban that hinders terrorists from entering the country.

Perhaps most controversial is the oft-disputed southern border wall, which liberals love to hate and mock, while at the same time offering no solution whatsoever for the illegal immigration issue.

Well, their solution is to ignore it, or pretend there is no issue. Yes, ostrich syndrome runs rampant among the hypocritical Left.

But now, the House of Representatives has given Trump and true Patriots around the country a gigantic victory: They’ve passed a $788 billion spending package, which includes funding for the military and…

Yep, a border wall between Mexico and the United States.

Via Independent Journal Review (citing the Associated Press):

The legislation passed on a 235-192 vote and is likely to face tough Democratic opposition in the Senate.

In addition to the border wall funding, the spending package contained funding for military pay raises and an increase for veterans programs.


Although the border wall reportedly received low public approval in polls, Republicans gave Trump the necessary funding. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) suggested Trump got, or would eventually, get as much funding as he requested for the border wall.

‘Every single dime the President requested to start building a wall on our southern border he’s going to get,’ McCarthy said.

Unsurprisingly, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi criticized the bill because it bypassed a $70 billion spending limit placed on the military.

Yes, Nancy, it breaks that limit but if we don’t do something NOW to protect ourselves from people of your ilk, we are going to turn into parts of Europe…which are going up in flames at this very moment.

That should be a lesson to us in regards to immigration and migration but again, liberals would rather stick their hands in the sand and chant “Kumbaya” because they can’t handle reality.

Of course, they never could. Which is why we’re in this situation.

Sources: Independent Journal ReviewAssociated Press

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