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WHOA: Trump Just Did Something AMAZING…Even Liberals Are Loving This!

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons Americans voted for Trump was his track record as a successful businessman. He built a billion dollar enterprise out of a small real estate company. He is a popular figure on television and his books are bestsellers.

That kind of experience is desperately needed in one institution that wastes so much money: the federal government.

Every branch of our government hemorrhages money every year, often leading to budget crisis. Legitimate programs are jeopardized as our leaders dump cash into wasteful projects, manipulated by special interests and lobbyists.

Trump, as a responsible businessman, will have the practical insight in how to cut spending while ensuring our most vital programs stay intact.

Although not yet in office, he is already making plans on how to save our nation billions.

From Fox News:


The most expensive weapons program in American military history just got its most powerful critic: President-elect Donald Trump.

The incoming commander-in-chief took aim Monday at the costly F-35 fighter jet program on Twitter, after earlier calling out the program during a Fox News interview.

“The F-35 program and cost is out of control,” Trump tweeted. “Billions of dollars can and will be saved on military (and other) purchases after [Inauguration Day] January 20th.”

The complaints echo the charges Trump leveled last week against another major government venture. Trump last Tuesday blasted Boeing for the projected bill of a new fleet of Air Force One planes.

It would be very easy for a conservative President to protect a military project. It would even be tempting for him to protect the Air Force One project, as it would produce new planes for himself and his staff.

Yet Trump has his eye on bigger, more pressing matters when he takes office, and a bloated, billion-dollar weapons program just doesn’t fit it. He wants to improve the lives of veterans, bring back jobs, and fix our ailing healthcare system. Those take priority over new F-35 jets and Air Force One’s.

In tackling these programs, he’s also taking on the toxic relationship these companies have with former Washington leaders and lobbyists. This is something he vowed to do during the campaign and it looks like he will make good on it.

Hopefully, the vast amount of cash saved from these programs will go to where it matters most.

Source: Fox News

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