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President Trump Fires Off 3 Perfect Tweets That Prove Democrats Are Dead In The Water

The Democratic Party isn’t in good shape.

Fundraising has hit a 14-year low and it shows no signs of recovery, as corruption and violence continue to haunt the party of “tolerance and open-mindedness.”

Even the liberal-biased media has to admit that with “leaders” like Nancy Pelosi, the Democrats have almost zero chance of regaining any traction in America.

Quite the turnaround, as Leftists had a stranglehold on the country for decades. Donald Trump’s election to the presidency has generated a dramatic shift in politics clear across the board, and Republicans keep gaining steam.

Liberals may ask, “Why is this happening?”

Well, they typically blame everyone but themselves but if they require some assistance, if they really want to yank their heads out of the sand, they might want to listen to their President.

Trump is never afraid to speak up, especially on Twitter, where he has dropped some seriously controversial statements in the past year or so.

Now, with just 3 perfect Tweets, he has illustrated exactly why the Democratic Party continues to fail, and why it’s now a Party steeped in lies.

There’s no hiding from the truth and Democrats will soon have to look in the mirror. When they do, if they’re being honest about what they see, they’ll realize that Trump is correct.

In point of fact, he’s only saying what many Americans have been saying for a while, and it’s precisely the reason Democrats have lost just about everything in the past eight months.

One could invoke the old standby, “Wake up and smell the coffee,” but really, there’s little hope the Liberals will smell anything.

If they don’t, though, the Party of the Jackass could end up dead in the water.

Source: Donald Trump Twitter

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