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SALUTE! Trump Makes ULTRA-PATRIOTIC Deal, And Our Veterans Shed Tears Of JOY!

Even Liberals can’t deny that SOMETHING has radically changed in the jobs market…and not for the worse.

There is an undeniable air of progress and optimism that has bolstered a bullish stock market, housing market, and diminishing unemployment numbers. President Trump has delivered the goods in the jobs department, time and time again.

Additionally, the number of people seeking welfare benefits is decreasing as well.

It would be insane for the Left to utter words like the ones Nancy Pelosi stupidly let slip from her gaping hole last week when she said that Donald Trump had done nothing to improve the jobs market.

Unless I’m wrong (and I’m not), Pelosi smells the scent of defeat in the air for the Party of the Jackass and is now terrified at the prospect of being a minority cabal.

Through it all, Trump continues to do exactly what he promised:

Ignoring the enfeebled press, hitting the Progressives where it hurts most (in the pocket), and following through with creating more jobs than any modern-day president.


“The Trump jobs boom continues, with computer giant IBM announcing that it is set to hire 2,000 veterans of the U.S. Military after a meeting with President Donald J. Trump.

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty, who serves on Trump’s business advisory board, is to announce the new plans on Friday.

The company intends to open 20 new P-TECH schools in the U.S. and will retrain and certify the veterans over a four-year period, Axios reported.

Many of the veterans will be trained in the use of IBM’s software programs used by law enforcement, cybersecurity, and national security agencies.

IBM joins a growing list of companies announcing major expansion in the age of Trump. The list includes 45,000 jobs announced by Exxon Mobil, 10,000 new jobs at Kroger, 10,000 jobs at Walmart, another 10,000 jobs to be offered by U.S. Steel, and 50,000 by SoftBank Telecommunications, among many others.”

The former president should be carefully listened to in the next few weeks.  With all this job creation, there is no doubt Dictator Obama will try taking credit for it.

In the meantime, Trump will continue to embarrass him as he pares down the Food Stamp recipients and gives many of them back the control of their lives.  As for the vets: they are some of the hardest working and most honest people you’ll come to know.

With commitments being made by many corporations these days regarding the hiring of vets, it’s no wonder that Trump enjoys an amazing approval rating with the military.

The proof is in the pudding and this pudding is sweet!

Source: Breitbart

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