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Just In: Trump Scores Gigantic Victory – Supreme Court Shuts Down Refugees

President Trump has scored another major victory in the US Supreme Court regarding his immigration policies.

While not a total victory in that the Court justices allowed some of the lower court’s decisions concerning the refugee ban to stand, it was an overall win for the president. And a very big one at that.

If you remember, one source of obstruction of the president’s travel ban came from the district court in Hawaii. This is the ruling that has been largely set aside by the justices of the Supreme Court.

Basically, the Trump administration can enforce its travel ban on refugees, although a list of relatives living in the US can get waivers for their family members desirous of entering the US from those nations the ban impacts.

Via Boston Globe:

The Supreme Court says the Trump administration can strictly enforce its ban on refugees, but is leaving in place a weakened travel ban that includes grandparents among relatives who can help visitors from six mostly Muslim countries get into the U.S.

The justices acted Wednesday on the administration’s appeal of a federal judge’s ruling last week. U.S. District Judge Derrick Watson ordered the government to allow in refugees formally working with a resettlement agency in the United States.

Watson also vastly expanded the family relations that refugees and visitors can use to get into the country.

The high court blocked Watson’s order as it applies to refugees for now, but not the expanded list of relatives. The justices said the federal appeals court in San Francisco should now consider the appeal. It’s not clear how quickly that will happen.”

This order by the Supreme Court has already had an immediate impact.

In the meantime, though, up to 24,000 refugees who already have been assigned to a charity or religious organization in the U.S. will not be able to use that connection to get into the country.

Although we should be pleased with this ruling by the Supreme Court, the fact that this had to be litigated demonstrates the extents to which those liberal, activists judges are willing to go to press that agenda.

The law becomes not a standard to be properly interpreted and applied, but a flexible tool to be adjusted as needed to promote a progressive agenda.

And that illustrates the importance of having conservatives in the White House to appoint judges who are committed to uphold the law as written and intended, not according to the whims of their leftist colleagues.


If you’re looking for Supreme Court Justices who rightly interpret the law according to sound principles you can include “Justices Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch and Clarence Thomas would have blocked Watson’s order in its entirety.

Those same three justices said last month they would have allowed the Trump travel ban to take full effect.”

Adding to that group of conservatives should be a top priority of President Trump’s, regardless of the howls of protest and wild statements that will be made by the left.

The integrity of our laws and the Constitution depend on it.

Source: Boston Globe

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