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WOW: Donald Trump Pulled A SICK Move Before Winning The Election…Liberals Can't Believe It!

If the Democrats and liberals can find a way to attack Donald Trump, they’ll do it.

It doesn’t even matter how; they just want to decimate the President-elect’s reputation, which is why it’s a good idea for Trump to have some foresight. He knows the opposition can be downright nasty, so he took strides to protect himself.

Prior to winning the U.S. presidential election in November, Trump made one helluva move to avoid liberal backlash. And for all those who pigeonholed our new president as a greedy, selfish individual, this will really tick you off.

According to a report in the Washington Post, Trump divested himself of the stock market way back in June. Now, maybe he thought a crash was coming, or maybe he needed campaign funds. But regardless of the reason, as noted by Right Wing News, it removes points of contention as he presses forward with economic planning.


In short, it eradicates any conflict-of-interest concerns the left would’ve definitely used as ammunition. This was a really savvy move and as the Post reports:

“President-elect Donald Trump sold all his shares in companies in June, his spokesman said Tuesday, a move that could have created a cash windfall as he ramped up to begin a costly general election presidential campaign that at the time he claimed he would personally support with ‘major contributions.'”

The sell-off could help address conflict-of-interest worries about his stock portfolio, a sizable part of Trump’s financial life that was worth roughly as much as $40 million as of December 2015, a May disclosure filing shows. Trump’s stock portfolio, the May filing shows, included shares in a number of banks, oil giants and other companies with business pending before the U.S. government and whose value could rise due to Trump’s decisions in office.”

Seems like Trump is always one step ahead of the aforementioned opposition, doesn’t it? When will the liberals admit this guy is probably a whole LOT smarter than they ever gave him credit for?

Source: Right Wing News, Washington Post

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