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WHOA: Someone Just Dropped A COLOSSAL Truth Bomb On Hillary Supporters…Liberals Humiliated! Epic!

Since Donald Trump’s historic win to the White House, democrats and the mainstream media have crafted a variety of pathetic excuses for their loss.

On election night, celebrities screamed “sexist.”  Many said it was because Americans are racist…you know, for not voting for a white woman. The excuses were wide and varied, pointing the finger to anyone, from President Obama to FBI Director James Comey.

Everyone was blamed; no one was willing to admit Donald Trump, an expert negotiator, businessman, and deal make, ran a brilliant campaign. He was able to circumvent the corrupt mainstream media and reach voters. Despite relentless attacks on his family, business, and character, he was able to beat out an established politician.

What the left also refuse to acknowledge is that they simply had a terrible candidate, plain and simple.

From Conservative Tribune:

Democrats and their liberal media cohorts have of late been promulgating a conspiracy theory that President-elect Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election because of the influence of sinister Russian hackers.

Speaking Sunday on Fox News, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee revealed what he thought about this particular theory.

“This premise is totally ridiculous … that’s nonsense,” he said. “Look, they lost … (I)t wasn’t the Russians who beat them. It was a lack of ideas. It was Hillary being a very poor candidate.”


After eight years of a charismatic, likeable figure representing the democrats in the White House, the best they could do as a replacement was Hillary Clinton. Clinton, a distrustful, disagreeable, negative figure. Clinton, who tried to hide a litany of scandals, starting from her husband’s philandering ways to her own illegal email server.

Huckabee attacked the latest lame excuse that Russia was involved in our election, using basic common sense:

“With all due respect, this notion that Russia wanted Donald Trump to win is nonsense,” he said, as reported by Fox News. “The last person they want in the Oval Office is Donald Trump. For eight years, they’ve pretty much done whatever they wanted to.”

The left likes to pick and choose their facts, whenever it suits them. In the case of Russia, they ignore the chummy relationship Secretary of State Clinton had with Putin, giving up 20% of America’s uranium.  But Russia wanted Trump to win?

The depth of the left’s deception is unfathomable. They’d lie to anyone, anywhere, to get what they want. Finally with Donald Trump running for President, they had someone they couldn’t intimidate, tarnish, or turn away.

And that’s why they lost.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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