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Exposed: U.S. Census Drops GOLIATH Truth Bomb On Immigrants…Liberals In Meltdown Mode!

The Democrats tell us that the United States is completely unfair to everyone who isn’t a privileged White man.

This is why Black Lives Matter rallies can say the most horrifyingly disgusting things in public, and actually be SUPPORTED by the liberal crowd.

They are right and if you’re white, you are wrong.

That’s the propaganda that has been driven full force down America’s throats for years. Even when we expose the shocking truth of certain “progressive” movements, Democrats never stop.

So says the leftist:

“There is not a single individual in this country who can earn a decent living without a privileged White man coming along and stealing that job. On top of that, there is not a single legal immigrant to this country, becoming a full-fledged citizen of this great nation without some privileged White man waltzing on up and denigrating that person with bigotry, hatred, sexism, xenophobia or homophobia.”

But wait. Based on recent statistics, something is amiss with that pervading theory.

The U.S. Census has released its income status chart for US citizens based on their country of origin and it’s, well…

Allen B. West:

“This chart, using U.S. Census Bureau data, shows the relative annual incomes of various ethnicities versus plain vanilla white folk, and it sure looks like the vast majority are kicking the white man’s butt when it comes to income. Just take a look at the numbers:

Unless you’re not keeping score, it appears to be Every Other Ethnicity – 1, Republican Privileged White Man – Zip!

This won’t be the first time you’ve heard that White people treat immigrants horribly in the U.S., and it certainly won’t be the last time.

And by the way, the illegal immigration explosion only proves just how insane that chart really is; if we assume at least a few of those people are illegal aliens, it certainly hasn’t stopped them from stealing our money!

The Democrats will never let go of their incessant addiction to victimology, nor will they ever approach the truth when it comes to lauding this country and its past achievements.

They live to dismay others, because that is where their true power lies.

Source: Allen B. West

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