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Victoria’s Secret Launches ‘What Is Sexy’ Campaign…And Liberals Lose Their Freakin’ Minds

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition…be warned!  You’re next!

Note to companies: If you’re not following the “Progressive” mindset, you will be crucified, by both social media haters and the uber-liberal mainstream media.

This is why we live in a society where transgender individuals can make outrageous demands, and why being anti-gay is akin to murder.

We’re so far over-the-top in terms of political correctness and radicalized liberalism, the proponents of “peace and love” and have now turned into violent, hostile animals who lose their minds if they meet opposition.

And if they can’t hurt you physically, they will decimate you on the internet. Say hello to the New World, Victoria’s Secret.


Victoria’s Secret’s annual ‘What is Sexy’ social media campaign has the women’s premium lingerie company fending off accusations of racism.

This year’s list of winners include Instagram models who specialize in fashion, fitness, and beauty. Other winners include celebrities like Taylor Swift, actress Vanessa Hudgens, and This is Us star Mandy Moore.

The California-based brand revealed its honorees, many of whom were white and skinny.

And it didn’t take long for social media users to accuse Victoria’s Secret’s of failing to include women of other ethnicities in its campaign.

The California-based brand was bombarded with similar scorn online.

In December, the intimate apparel retailer was accused of cultural appropriation and of designing ‘racist lingerie’ by Cosmopolitan editor Helin Jung.

‘[D]on’t let yourself be hoodwinked by Victoria’s Secret’s brazen attempt to relabel what is clearly cultural appropriation by turning it into a celebration of ‘culture,’ Jung wrote…”

The race issue only came up because the Democrats can no longer look at anything without seeing skin color. They truly are racists with a capital “R”.

Victoria’s Secret should call Donald Trump and ask him for his advice in dealing with rabid Liberals. He mostly just keeps embarrassing them by proving them wrong, over and over.

In the end, though, liberals will continue to play the race card and the “equality” card at any given opportunity. Apparently, they have NOTHING else to do.

Source: Breitbart

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