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Republican Calls Virginia Shooting ‘Political Terrorism’, Begs America To Unite [VIDEO]

The Virginia shooting that rocked the nation has been roundly condemned on both sides of the aisle, and for good reason.

This cowardly act cannot be sanctioned, regardless of your political views.

That being said, it’s clear that this was a politically motivated attack, as the shooter was a crazed anti-Trumpian and Bernie Sanders supporter.

His social media rants concerning the President of the United States, along with the terrifying email he sent just minutes before going on his bloody rampage, make his motivation plain.

However, as Rep. Rodney Davis (R-Ill.) recently stated, this “political rhetorical terrorism” has to stop.

Via Fox News:

Rep. Rodney Davis, R-Ill., specifically blamed ‘political rhetorical terrorism‘ – heated rhetoric on social media and in the news – for Wednesday’s shooting, in which House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and several others were wounded.

‘This is the result, I believe, of political rhetorical terrorism. That has to stop,’ he told ‘America’s Newsroom.’

Davis was at bat when the shooter opened fire in Alexandria, Va. He credited Scalise’s security detail with helping prevent the attack from being a lot worse, calling the officers ‘true heroes.’

But he said the country needs to take ratchet down the political discourse. 

Political rhetoric has led to this violent type of activity that has got to stop in this country,’ Davis said.

It’s important to remember that the event, the baseball practice, was a bipartisan charity event and nobody could possibly be at fault.

As Davis said, he can’t believe he has to go to something for charity and “dodge bullets.” It’s just senseless and insane and unfortunately, this political rhetoric has hit a new high under Donald Trump.

So, what has to happen now? Simple:

I stand here today and say stop, we have to stop,’ Davis said, urging the country to come together as Americans, not Republicans and Democrats.

Agreed. Shooting people gets you nowhere and puts the country at risk of devolving into anarchy.

Where have the days of peaceful discourse gone?

Source: Fox News

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